Fuel Additive Technology

Dynamico is a ground-breaking range of deposit control additives developed specifically to offer complete performance for all gasoline engines. Dynamico not only prevents the formation deposits on inlet valves and fuel injectors, it also cleans existing inlet valve and injector deposits. This means complex fuel delivery systems always operate at maximum efficiency and particle emissions are dramatically reduced.

For bulk fuel suppliers and retailers, this provides a unique opportunity to differentiate fuel in a fast-changing market. With the addition of Dynamico, customers benefit from a fuel that keeps an engine running smoothly and improves fuel economy without sacrificing performance, regardless of the age of the vehicle and engine type.

existing fuel system deposits
fuel system
Dramatically reduces particle emissions
Maintains optimum reliability

Industry tests show just how effective Dynamico is in real life applications. Bulk fuel suppliers and retailers can rest assured this range of deposit control additives really does deliver, making your fuel stand out in a crowded market. Explore the science, discover how Dynamico works and check out the data for yourself.

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Deposit build up in the injector system seriously affects the performance of any gasoline engine.


Dynamico range contains a patented technology

More engine and vehicle manufacturers are turning to GDi technology to ensure global environmental legislation targets are met. These high pressure, high performance engines operate to very tight tolerances and are capable of delivering lower emissions. Experience and industry tests tells us that such precision components need protecting if the engine is to perform exactly as intended.

Using standard fuels without GDi technology leads to fouled injectors. Engine performance suffers, fuel consumption and emissions will all increase. Dynamico is a range of patented GDi fuel additive technology which solves this problem. Within one tank of fuel, Dynamico removes deposits and protects the whole fuel injection system from further fouling.

Although current and proposed standards on emissions vary region by region, the stringency of new legislation is only heading in one direction. Engine and vehicle manufacturers are having to move quickly to find alternative solutions. While GDi technology has the potential to reduce emissions, this can only be achieved if engine performance is optimised.

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New industry tests being carried out using the industry standard Volkswagen EA111 engine.


Dynamico delivers performance without compromise

Dynamico contains novel and cutting-edge fuel additive technology which ensures engine performance can be reliably maintained over the whole life of a vehicle without affecting the driving experience. When challenged by demanding new industry engine tests, Dynamico delivers exceptional best-in-class performance.

Dynamico is available in a range of formulations offering different levels of treatment. These products offer performance without compromise in a world increasingly attuned to the benefits of GDi technology.

Whilst Dynamico delivers powerful performance within GDi engines, our product range can also offer complete performance for all gasoline engines to ensure that each gasoline vehicle benefits from our product regardless of engine type.

Dynamico offers complete performance for all gasoline engines without compromise wherever your business and customers are based. Use our experience, expertise and market understanding to find the solution that works for you.

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Innospec test engineers and chemists collaborate to develop Dynamico fuel additive technology.

Take a journey through the engine to see how the Dynamico effect works for yourself.


Innospec is at the forefront of developing fuel additive technology for a changing world. Our focus is on supporting the fuel industry as it adapts to major environmental challenges, new legislation and the more demanding performance targets set by OEMs. While we operate at the novel and cutting edge of technology, our goal as market leader is always to create reliable and highly functional products. We build global supply chain solutions by understanding the important differences within regional and national markets. Our worldwide network spans 24 countries. We can work with you to create the next generation of fuels, today.

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